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Dr. Mansfield’s Blog

Spring is almost upon us.  For people with allergic nasal disease (Hay fever) and Asthma, the Spring can be a difficult time.   The predominant pollens are from trees.  Mulberry pollen is still the highest pollen among the trees.  Pecan pollen is present particularly in the Upper Valley.  Oak pollen has increased lately, Arizona Ash and Acacia are also significant causes of pollen induced disease.

Pollen counts are usually highest in the morning.  Outdoor exercise is best done later in the day.

There are many intranasal steroid sprays for allergic rhinitis.  They all appear to be equally effective when used according to directions.

Milder symptoms may respond to simple non-sedating antihistamines such as fexofenadine, cetirizine, levocetirizine or loratadine.  These generic versions should work as well as the brand names and are considerably less expensive.

For asthma sufferers, you may want to turn to your healthcare provider as all asthma medications which work are by prescription only.

The good news for asthma sufferers is that less expensive generic inhalers should become available in the coming year.