The Asthma Medical Reasearch Specialist

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Volunteer Info

What is provided to you?
You are provided with the following at no cost to you and insurance is not needed:

  • Study related office visits
  • Study related laboratory testing
  • Study medication
  • Study related doctor consultations
  • Study related materials and supplies
  • Study related procedures
  • You may even be compensated for your time

Who can be in a research study?

Each clinical study has different requirements. This can include age, sex or medical condition. Since people respond differently to medicine, it is important to have different kids of people involved in the research study. A member of our team will review the requirements with you to see if you are eligible.

A team member will explain to you why the study is being done and what you can expect. You can ask any questions you may have. You will be told who will see your personal medical information and how it will be kept confidential. A consent form will be given to you to read.

A consent form explains all about the study. You should ask questions about the consent form you do not understand. If you decide to participate in the study, you will be asked to sign the consent form. Even if you sign the consent form, you can change your mind at any time.

What to expect:

During the study, a member of our team will review your medical history; give you instructions for participating and monitoring your health. The procedures that are done at each visit will depend on the clinical research study. Some of the clinical studies may involve more tests and doctor visits than what you would normally have for the illness or disease.

Can you help?

What we learn might make it easier for doctors to choose the right medications for patients – like you or your family. We may also learn how to make medications for patients we cannot help right now.

Should I volunteer?

Thousands of people volunteer each year. By volunteering you might help researchers find new treatments for a variety of diseases and illnesses. You may also learn more about the condition you or a family member has. Every day research uncovers new information about diseases and their treatment. By taking part in a clinical research study, you are an important part of research and testing of new investigational medications for the future.

Give us a call to see if you can join the thousands of people to make a difference in the way diseases and illnesses are treated.

What We Do!

Here at Western Sky Medical Research, we conduct clinical research with private organizations, government agencies, and drug companies.

Have you ever wondered why a medicine works for some people, but not others? Do you wonder why some people have different reactions to medications, but others do not? At our office, we are working hard to help Doctors and Hospitals have new medications.

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